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        Products sell like hot cakes
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        1.10 years ISO9001 quality management system, "the quality is produced, not by check out" the quality of the concept is macro DE man.

        2.in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and even in southeast Asia, the use of hydraulic press of foreign investment, and large domestic foundry enterprises from Taiwan has a very good reputation, the typical customer: foxconn, byd...

        1.Have a perfect and complete product series, there is always a right for you.

        2.Have professional senior design team, according to the technological requirements of your customized hydraulic press you want.


        1. The main electric control part adopts famous brand (Siemens PLC, and schneider) control components; Hydraulic parts are all made of Taiwan famous brand; Sealers adopt imported materials to ensure that the hydraulic press work stable and reliable performance.

        2. Factory direct sales model, primary source, without intermediate links, parity sales to save money for you.


        1. The main oil cylinder: according to European standard casting casting into DIN EN 1563, and has high strength, high toughness, high density, good seepage prevention, after finishing oil cylinder bore finish as high as 0.8 above.

        2. Beam slab plate: all come from the regular large steel mills: baosteel, steel, liuzhou iron &steel group co.are presented.the

        3. Round steel, all derived from the formal large steel mills: steel, steel, panzhihua steel, dalian

        4. Main parts (piston, pillar, guide bar) all after packing after processing, surface hard chromium plating processing.


        1. Enjoy free machine commissioning and operation training and enjoy lifelong parity parts supply and quality of maintenance services

        2. The whole machine 12 months free warranty; Respond immediately after receiving customer's fault feedback, 24 hours, in guangdong province domestic reach the site within 48 hours to solve and troubleshoot.


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        Foshan city, macro DE machinery manufacturing co., LTD., founded in 1996, covers an area of more than 13600 square meters, existing staff of nearly 100 people, is a professional production of various specifications series hydraulic press manufacturer.

        Our strong technical force, strong mechanical processing capacity, the product has been developed using advanced automation integrated system, realize the man-machine dialogue, and won many national independent innovation patent. Now my company's products mainly include: YCK series press type four column hydraulic press, fast YSK series up four column high speed frame type hydraulic press, YDK series hydraulic press...( detailed )

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