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YDK Series Narrow Body Frame Hydraulic Press

I. Overview: This series of hydraulic presses is suitable for pressing and molding industries of hardware, clocks and watches, electrical appliances, glasses, jewelry, handicrafts, rubber and many other metal materials and the pressing process of non-metal materials (such as pressing hard alloy tools, grinding wheel molding, etc.); it is especially suitable for precision embossing process. According to its function options are divided into: ordinary E type (with empty range fast, slow speed close to the parts-making function), F type (with E type and return material function two functions). Features: 1, the host, the tank overall structure, compact and beautiful appearance, easy to install. 2, simple structure, sensitive and reliable action, safe and convenient operation, can realize the point of adjustment and semi-automatic work two kinds of operation. 3, with upward and downward fast device and counter, smooth work, fast speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption. 4, the use of imported hydraulic components and electrical components, durable, to ensure the stability of the machine operation. 5, the electrical system. 5、Electrical system adopts German Siemens PLC control, simple and convenient operation, reliable operation. 6、Configuration of safety photoelectric protection device and over-travel protection function, to achieve man-machine safety production. Main technical parameters: Item unit YDK-100TYDK-200TYDK-300TYDK-500T Remarks Nominal pressure KN1000300030005000 Maximum working pressure of hydraulic system Mpa2025252525 Maximum stroke of movable table mm140160160160 Maximum distance from table to upper beam mm350380380420Main cylinder fast rise speed mm/s135140140220Main cylinder pressurized rise speed mm/s41.5-41.5-41.5-41.5-4Main cylinder fast return speed mm/s150120-170120-170130-220Return cylinder nominal pressure KN609090100Working table effective area around mm416620620694 front and rear mm405650650670 oil pump flow rate L/min14.412-3612-3620-58 motor power KW5.57.57.511 contour size (left and right*front and rear*height)mm940*1000*12601070*1000*14201140*1000* 15201280*1000*1900Weight of the whole machine (approx.) KG1100200027004500



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