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Y30 series single column hydraulic press

I. Overview: This series of hydraulic press is suitable for metal or non-metal parts embossing, molding, shallow drawing, shaping and pressure assembly; such as auto parts, glasses, mirror mold, electronic connectors, electrical parts, motor rotation, stator pressing and other hardware parts. Features: 1、Sturdy open structure with integral welding, simple structure, strong rigidity, easy and convenient operation. 2、Integrated fast cylinder, fast empty stroke speed, high production efficiency, low energy consumption. 3、Imported hydraulic components and electrical components, durable, ensure smooth operation of the machine. 4、Electrical system using German Siemens PLC control, sensitive and reliable action, stable operation. 5、Convenient The manual adjustment mechanism can adjust the press head or the upper table to press at any position in the stroke, and can also adjust the length of the fast and working process within the designed stroke. 6、Configuration of safety photoelectric protection device and over-travel protection function, to achieve man-machine safety production. 7、Pressure can be adjusted according to the process needs to achieve infinitely, to ensure high precision products. Third, the main technical parameters: Item unit Y30-10TY30-15TY30-20TY30-40T Remarks Maximum nominal pressure KN100150200400 Hydraulic system maximum working pressure Mpa1414141423 Maximum lifting force KN15222325 Maximum stroke mm959595160 Maximum opening degree mm265265265265400Fast descending speed mm/s265265270165Pressurized descending speed mm/s28262411.9Fast return speed mm/s150150170180Working table effective area left and right mm500530530570Before and after mm305305305400Oil pump flow rate L/ min15.11723.710motor power KW445.55.5profile size (left and right*front and back*high)mm780*1319*1682810*1319*1700810*1319*1712810*1220*1810Complete machine weight (about)KG1200130014002000



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