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Diamond saw blade cold press molding hydraulic press

I. Overview: This series hydraulic press is a special hydraulic press for diamond saw blade cold pressing and forming, which is suitable for semi-automatic and automatic cold pressing and forming process of various specifications of diamond saw blades. Features: 1、It can realize the continuous semi-automatic/automatic pressing and forming of diamond saw blades. 2、It adopts imported hydraulic system and pneumatic system, with stable performance and durability. 3、The electrical system adopts German Siemens HMI and PLC control, with simple and convenient operation and reliable operation. 4、The pressing parameters can be set, stored and adjusted by touch screen. 5、It can greatly reduce the manpower input and labor intensity, and improve the production efficiency. 6、The finished saw blades are evenly distributed with good quality consistency. 7、Configured with photoelectric protection device and over travel protection function to realize man-machine safety production. 8、The surface of piston rod and column is high endangered and hard chromium plated with good wear resistance. Third, the main technical parameters: Item unit Y32-150-JPY32-200-JPY32-320-JPY32-500-JPRemarks the nominal pressure of the main cylinder KN1500200032005000 The maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system of the main cylinder Mpa2525252525 maximum distance from the table to the lower plane of the movable crossbeam mm600690700820Maximum stroke of movable beammm280280280280300Main cylinder fast descending speedmm/s175175173170Main cylinder pressurizing speedmm/s8. cylinder fast returning speedmm/s195193190200Motor power KW4+5.5+114+5.5+114+ 7.5+18.54+11+22 contour size(left*right*front*height)mm2500*2000*28903000*2050*31003025*2050*31323045*2050*3650 weight of the whole machine(about)KG55006700890015000



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