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Y28 series four-column double-action hydraulic press

I. Overview: This series of hydraulic press is suitable for pressing plastic materials in metal industry, such as sheet stretching, flanging, punching, forming, straightening, etc. It is especially suitable for aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet stretching and pressing and forming of aluminum products and stainless steel products (such as pots, cups, bowls, basins, sinks, kettles, barrels and other kitchen utensils), and can also be used for metal cold extrusion process. Features: 1, fast speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption, sensitive and reliable work. 2, the main hydraulic components and electrical components are imported from Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Italy, durable, to ensure stable operation of the machine. 3, the electrical system using the German Siemens PLC control, simple and convenient operation, reliable operation. 4, configured with safety photoelectric protection device and over-travel protection function, to achieve safe production of man-machine. 5, the piston rod and column, the piston rod and the column, the piston rod and the column, the piston rod and the column, the piston rod and the column. 5、The surface of piston rod and column is high endangered, hard chromium plating, good wear resistance. Main technical parameters: Item unit Y28-35KDY28-65KDY28-75KDY28-100KDY28-120KSY28-150KSY28-225KSY28-350KSY28-400KSY28-550KSY28-600KSY28-750KS Remarks Nominal pressure of main cylinder KN2504005007008001000150025002500350040005000 Main cylinder hydraulic system maximum working pressure Mpa1020202221212020202020202020 Nominal pressure of press side cylinder KN2530353535354555757585858585 Maximum stroke of rewind cylinder mm160160150180200200200220220250250250250 Maximum stroke of crimping cylinder piston mm180220220250260260300300300300300300400250 Maximum stroke of movable cross beam mm380450450500520540560600600650800600Distance from table to movable beam max. mm70075075086090094096011171117120015001120Min. mm320300300360380400400517517550700520 movable beam lifting speed no load down mm/s270270220220260260190250250310310230 pressurized mm/s12-359-267-2110-271910-271812-3012 -3012-3012-309-22Return mm/s150-250130-220120-195170-285125-210140-235245220220230230145Crimping cylinder piston speed up mm/s14010710712010013010012095707070down mm/sSameasSlide table effective area mm380*450400*550550*550550*550*600580*650*650*750700*880800*9901200*1000950*10601400*12501600*1400Oil pump flow rate L/ min3636365849/499049/49102/160102/160160/240160/240152/225 motor power KW45.55.51115151530303030555555 contour size (left*front*height)mm1330*1100*24001470*1200* 27001500*1200*26651565*1295*29401710*1400*31501800*1700*32801880*1770*37702150*1775*40002610*1800*42003100*1950*45002830*2110* 51003100*2400*4650Complete machine weight (approx.) KG1700220025003000400050005500950013000150002500030000



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